Boat trip in Bridgeport

Lorelai and Luke are on vacation in Bridgeport, and decided to take Luke’s boat out for a day. Hopefully this will take away some of the awkwardness after the incident at K.C’s. (See twitter: - @lorelaigilmo @luke9danes - for more)


"Wow, she’s beautiful!" Lorelai said to Luke, as she stepped down from the harbor and onto the deck. "All boats are female, right? At least I’ve never heard anyone call their boat ‘he’. Then again, I haven’t really been involved in - nor payed attention to - many conversations about boats in my life …" 

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    While Lorelai worked on the strings of his pants he had bound about five minutes ago, Luke unbuttoned her blouse and...
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    Lorelai stood up from the chair. “I like the sound of that,” she whispered against his lips, then kissed him back and...
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    Rory listened to her mom and Luke on the phone ” mom… dirty.. i DON’T wanna know about that boat ,but wow..that sounds...
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